First Time Visitors

You might have questions about what to expect at Holy Apostles on a Sunday.  If you still have any questions about life at Holy Apostles please contact the Church Office

What time are your services?
Our morning services are at 10am, evening services at 5:30pm.

How long do your services last?
Our services typically are just over an hour.

Is it suitable for children?
We welcome everyone and our morning services are particularly family friendly with activities and groups for children of all ages every Sunday (on the 3rd Sunday of the month children and adults remain in church together for all age worship).  Please see the section below for more information on children’s activities. The evening services are of a more traditional nature and there is no children or youth provision at these services.

Do you celebrate communion?
We celebrate communion most weeks.  Twice a month in the morning and twice a month in the evening.  Once a month in the mornings we encourage families to receive together, and are happy for children to take communion.  You do not need to be confirmed to take communion.

Do you have service sheets or song books?
In the morning, our services are projected onto large screens.  We do have available hard copies of the service in large print for those who need them. We are also able to email copies in advance of the service for conversion into braille for blind or partially sighted people. In the evening we either use a service sheet or prayer book along with a hymn book.

What happens after the service?
We encourage people to stay after the morning service to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and biscuits.  We also have squash and biscuits for the children. We have tea and coffee and biscuits after the evening service on the second Sunday of the month.

Do you have mid week services?
We don’t tend to call them services but we like to get together. We have small groups who meet regularly for friendship, support, prayer and journeying together.  We also have a monthly group for the over 60s Together@2.30 – For more information click here

What to expect if you are bringing children:

Babies/Toddlers/Pre-schoolers:  You are very welcome to sit anywhere in church with your children.  There are some areas in the church (at the side) where there is some extra space which may be easier if you have babies or toddlers.  If your baby/toddler wants to stay in during the service that’s great but if you feel they need a little more space or entertaining we have toys and organised activities (creche and MiniClub) available in a lower room at the back of church.

Primary School Children (Reception to Y5):  There is Sunday Club for these children with separate groups for infants and juniors.  The children are taken across to the hall (next to the church) by the leaders usually after the first song.  The groups will involve organised themed activities for the children. They are brought back to church at the end of the service

Year 6 & Secondary School Children:   On a Sunday morning we have two groups FROG & HAY, we gather at the back of Church by the main door and head across to HA Community Hall when directed by the service leader. The Older Youth (HAY!) Stay up in the cafe area where they enjoy some toast and a hot drink whilst having some fun and discussion. FROG head down into the basement for their session together. BUT we do so much more than Sunday morning, head over to the youth page.