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16th & 23rd February

9th February

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26th January

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22nd December

Sermon Series

John’s Gospel – Believing is seeing (Jan-April 2020)

Advent Sermon Series 2019

Vision & Third Person (Autumn 2019)

Are We There Yet? (July & August 2019)

Sunday Service recorded sermons

John’s Gospel – Believing is seeing

Grace and Truth (Ashley Collishaw)

Clearing Out (Ashley Collishaw)

Light or Dark (Martin Turner)

The Second Sign (Tim Watson)

By the Pool (Ashley Collishaw)

Holy Picnic (Ashley Collishaw)

Walking on Water (Ashley Collishaw)

Bread? (Tim Watson)

The words of eternal life (Ashley Collishaw)

The right family (Martin Turner)

Dead man walking (Ashley Collishaw)

Dead man raised (Martin Turner)

The book of glory (Ashley Collishaw)

Advent Conspiracy 2019

Worship Fully

Spend Less (Ashley Collishaw)

Third Person (2019)

Disturbing (Jo Palmer)

Empowering (Martin Turner)

Vision (2019)

Harvest (Mike Schorah)

Vision #2 (Ashley Collishaw)

Dreams #1 (Ashley Collishaw)

Connection (James White)

Serve (James White)

Are We There Yet? (2019)

Rejoice, don’t be anxious (Ashley Collishaw)

Skubala (Mike Schorah)

Attitude (James White)

Whatever happens, stand firm (Lucille Rogers)

God the ‘completer-finisher’ (Ashley Collishaw)

Foundations Sermon Series (2019)

The Redemption Business (Ashley Collishaw)

Start with Why (Ashley Collishaw)

Why did the Vicar Cross the Road? (Ashley Collishaw)

Lent Sermon Series (2019)

Easter Sunday (Emma Taylor)

Palm Sunday (Jo Palmer)

A Journey for Everyone – All Age Service (Paul Harris)

Lenten Prayer: Sitting at Jesus’ Feet (Lucille Rogers)

Christian Hope – Waiting with Confidence (Martin Turner)

Christian Holiness – Living it Out (Mike Schorah)

Christian Friendship – Longing to Share (Emma Taylor)

Christian Imitation – Pleasing to God (James White)

A Gift for Everyone – All Age Service (Amanda Thiselton)

Christian Mission – Passing it On (Mike Schorah)

In-depth Bible Study: ‘Ruth God’s Woman’

Session 1 – 30th January 2019 (Martin Turner)

Session 2 – 13th February 2019

Session 3 – 27th February 2019 (Martin Turner)