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Who we are and what we’re about…

Our youth groups start from age 11 through to 18 and a little bit beyond. Our heart is to see the young people have a safe place where they can come, meet together, get to know themselves and each other better as well as exploring our faith and relationship with God. We do this through a number of groups in different ways but we always aim to have fun, laughter, and food along the way.


SUNDAY Mornings (During the 10 am service)

FROG head over to the Basement of HA Community Hall where the explore life’s issues with a faith-based context using Urban Saints¬†3 yearly Curriculum.

HAY! head over to the Cafe of HA Community Hall where they explore life’s issues with a faith-based¬†context¬†using Urban Saints 3 yearly Curriculum.

SUNDAY Evenings (7 pm – 9 pm)

HAY! Sunday sessions use the whole of the HA Community Hall, there is a mix of fun and games (Four square, dodgeball, football and much more), combined with food and a time where we stop and think. From Jan 14th we’re using the BRAND NEW Youth Alpha material to explore the BIGGER question about life.

Tuesday Night: Worship Practice (7:30 pm – 9:00pm)

Not solely for the youth but we love to see our gifts and talents that God has given us being used in musical worship. It’s great to see how many of our youth have ended up playing in the service on a Sunday. If you want to join the guys and girls as the practice together please¬†contact Dom¬†

WEDNESDAY Night: Small Groups

I’ve been asked why we have started a Boys & Girls separated group…we see ourselves as inclusive, anyone is welcome but there are times when its good to meet up we those of the same sex – In teenage years its important to have the time, space and opportunities to think about all of life’s questions in a safe surrounding and there are some questions that would be harder to¬†discuss¬†in a larger mixed group. We run a men’s and women’s¬†ministry as part of the wider church after all.

So alternating weeks we run a Girl’s and Boy’s small group where we do an activity, often making something together (Cookies or cakes are always nice!) and whilst taking part in the process we chat about football, music, school whatever has been happening and somewhere in it all we’ll see a glimpse of God.

FRIDAY DROP-IN (3.30 pm – 5.30 pm)

The weekend has landed and school is done for another week, come along and hang out, unwind and have fun. We gather at HA Community Cafe, play basketball, table football, have some music and games.


Other Events:

Jumptastic 2018

Spring Harvest 2018

Western Super-la-Mar *NEW for 2018* HAY day trip to the beach – We listened to what the young people said and they asked for a trip to the beach!

West Midland Safari Park 2018

Soul Survivor 2018

Week B & C

Fireworks 2018 РSunday 4th Nov (time to be confirmed) suggested donations of £10 per person.

2017’s Fireworks was such a great time together up at the field with a BIG Bonfire, BBQ and of course some stunning fireworks. What’s great about this event is that it’s for the young people, their friends, and their family to come to together – we are after all a church family!

Below are some of the photos.














Ice skating Dec 2018









To help us get better at admin and communication we’re now using ChurchSuite. ChurchSuite means that you sign up to¬†become part of the Holy Apostles Church Family and can choose what communications you receive – This is how you’ll find out about the terms activities and events. Using ChurchSuite¬†you can also give consent for youth activities – so get signed in.


All those who help to lead our youth and children’s work on a regular basis have been CRB checked. If you want to see our policy on working with children and young people, please click here

Safeguarding Children & Young People (Dec 2012)

If you have any questions, youth-related, please get in touch: