Sunday Mornings (10am)

FROG head over to the Basement of HA Community Hall where the explore life’s issues with a faith-based context using Urban Saints 3 yearly Curriculum. We’re trialing guest speakers with HAY! this term and may update the FROG Sunday format in due course, watch this space


1st Sunday of the month – Special Guest Speaker

2nd Sunday of the month – Tea & Toast

3rd Sunday of the month – All Age Service

4th Sunday of the month – Serving the Church

5th Sunday of the month – Tea & Toast

SUNDAY EveningsHAY Dinner Out

HAY! Sunday evenings on the 1st Sunday of the month (7pm-9pm) the youth and their leaders meet at one of Cheltenham’s ‘finest’ restaurants, as chosen by the young people, for a social and catch up. Eat as little or as much as you can pay for… We never want money to be a problem or stop anyone coming to this so have a chat with Jon if it would hold you back from coming along.

The next Restaurant is… …on… (UPDATE TO FOLLOW)